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Viet nam overview
It’s been open to tourists for over 20 years now, but Vietnam remains shrouded in an air of mystery and danger. If you’re looking for an active destination that offers more than the pleasures of sun, sea and sand, this could be it. And, although coming to Vietnam and trying to avoid the war that decimated the country for almost 20 years up to the mid-70s would be crazy, there is a lot more here than battlefield memories.
Laos overview
Known as Lan Xang (Land of a Million Elephants) – has an appeal few countries can match. Neighboring Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand often overshadow this hidden gem of South East Asia, but holidays to Laos offer fantastic off the beaten track adventures for travelers looking for inspiration and culture
Cambodia overview
Like other countries in South East Asia, Cambodia has superb ancient sights, friendly locals, pristine jungle scenery, long white beaches and colorful, bustling local markets. Unlike other countries, most areas are completely untouched by tourism and offer incredible experiences for the more adventurous travelers.
Thailand overview
It's not surprising that Thailand has become Asia's most popular tourist attraction because it has something for every traveler; unmapped jungle to the west, adventure tours to the north, and to the south, islands surrounded by sea so blue the sky might have been rinsed into them. Our adventure tours offer a view of the best wildlife, people and landscapes in South East Asia.
Myanmar overview
Travel to Burma, now officially known as Myanmar will be like exploring an unknown territory where unexpected pleasure and adventures awaits. MYANMAR, formerly known as Burma, is one of the least known countries in Asia. The country offers great historical value, rich cultural heritage, and insight to a unique daily life style. It also possesses a vast ecological diversity ranging from Himalayan peaks to tropical beaches
Bali overview
Bali is one of the most beautiful islandS in Indonesia. The island covers a few small neighboring islands as well as the isle of Bali. The main island is located in the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Bali is a land that appears to have a magnet at its exceptionally heart. It is a feeling which is challenging to grasp unless encountered.
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Multi Adventure Tours
Multi Adventure Tours
Duration: 0 days - from: n/aAdd to my shortlist
Trip Code: 1603460001
Highlights: Ancient imperial citadels still embrace powerful walls and endless gateways. Tunnels stretch for miles deep beneath the landscape. Markets gently float along the river in colorful displays of delicious fruit and traditional cuisine. On this custom tailored tour through Vietnam you will find the endless wonder of our history and the remarkable beauty of the local culture. Cruise down the famous Mekong River and witness the continued elegance of French architecture found effortlessly decorating wide city avenues. See the remnants of ancient empires and taste the flavors of local specialties on your trip through South and Central Vietnam.
Duration: 7 days - from: n/aAdd to my shortlist
Trip Code: 1603460001
Highlights: The exciting tailored-mad tour combines the vibrant city, ancient temples and stunning landscapes, this private tour is great for those who would like to add a little exploration to a relaxing beach stay. Start from Bangkok’s bustling streets to experience the thrills of one of the world’s most exciting cities before heading to the wonders of Sukhothai, the history of the River Kwai and the two jewels of the Andaman Sea.
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Trip Code: 1603270001
Highlights: Northern Thailand contains the secrets that you have always wanted to know, where villages are hidden in the fabled jungle continuing their persistent culture and traditions. The unparalleled landscape is varied, filled with undulating mountains and blanketing jungle. There is an endless amount of majesty that traipses through the hills in the form of elephants, once revered by tribes and villages. Opulent Buddhist temples glisten within the trees while local markets are jovial and vibrant.
Duration: 10 days - from: n/aAdd to my shortlist
Trip Code: 1604730001
Highlights: Explore all the most popular sites of Northern Laos. Commence in Luang Prabang, visiting its numerous ancient temples before cruising on the beautiful Mekong River to peaceful Kamu Lodge and then to mountainous area of Pakbeng. Venture deeper into the Northern Laos through Oudomxay, Muang La, Muang Ngoi and Nong Khiaw to learn more about its diversified hill tribes, its hospitable locals as well as its dramatic landscape.
Duration: 5 days - from: n/aAdd to my shortlist
Trip Code: 1604550001
Highlights: Enjoy the relaxing pace of Laos, which known as the "land of a million elephants" and arguably the most enchanting country in Indochina, memories of Laos include genuine and simple people, saffron-robed Buddhist monks, sleepy villages and rice paddies all blending perfectly with a traditional culture almost untouched by modern lifestyle.
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The extraordinary journey will take you through the marvels of culture and wildlife on this custom t...
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An extraordinary trip to Laos from North to South including a visit to Luang Prabang, a cruise on th...
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The extraordinary 2-week adventure journeys to the most amazing parts of Myanmar through Yangon, Bag...
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Travel through Vietnam on a highlights tour to experience the beauty, history, wonder, and grandeur ...
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We had great time in Indochina
On behalf of Kassie and myself, I want to thank you.  The trip was amazing!  The services were great.  You did a wonderful job.  No issues at all!  I would like to let you know that all of the guides were outstanding, but I do want to give Loan, our first guide in Vietnam a special outstanding recommendation.  She was knowledgeable, spoke awesome English, went out of her way for us, and was all around not only a great guide but a great person as well.  A+
I will recommend all my friends to use your services!

Thank you and please keep in touch.
Thank for the great motorbike trip
Hi Tuan, 

You have delivered everything as you promised. I will defiantly recommend you and Pioneer Asia Holidays as a go to provider in the future.

Again thank you for your professionalism and advice.we have enjoyed every aspect of your fantastic country.

Kind regards

Dave from UK